• One of the prime concerns of all car manufacturers worldwide is to reduce vibrations and extraneous noises from entering into the vehicle.
  • Sheet Metal Vibration is one of the      main sources of noise generation. This is due to driving on bad roads, Vehicle rigidity as well as sheet metal thickness used by the car manufacturer.
  • TufClad solves this problem. TufClad 9120 Sheet Metal Vibration Deadeners when stuck on the insides of the sheet metal, increase sheet metal rigidity, reduce vibrations and increase driving comfort

N.V.H. (Noise, Vibrations and harshness) in Automobiles

The noises can be either low frequency noises, originating from engine boom and metal movements measurable at frequency of 0 to 1000 Hz or high frequency noises, originating from gravel, roads or tires measurable at 1000 – 2000 Hz.

Primary vehicle noise sources originate from the engine, Transmission, Cooling fan, Air Intake, Exhaust, Brakes, Roads, Tires, Wind, whereas the secondary noises come from the door closings, trunk / hood lid and window openers.

Tuf-Kote’s NVH Technologies include PVC Water-based sealers, Structural adhesives, preformed constrained layered dampers, Liquid applied sound dampers and direct glazing material.

Sound deadening pads are directly stuck on the insides of the sheet metal and other noise generation areas. The sound deadening pads increase the rigidity of the sheet metal and reduce sheet metal vibrations and dampen noises.

The same technology can be used to reduce the noises in the aftermarket level whereby these pads can be directly stuck at the dealer’s end.

This ultimately increases riding comfort and makes driving a much more pleasurable experience.

Some of the main causes of noise entering the passenger compartment of a vehicle are

  • Engine noise
  • Underbody high frequency gravel noises
  • Wind noise
  • Sheet metal vibration

TufClad Standard 9120.

TufClad Standard 9120 Series is a lightweight self-adhesive elastomeric laminate made of a mixture of special polymers and fillers with variable granulometry. It is a dampening material, particularly suitable for application on steel plates subject to vibrations

TufClad is used to reinforce the sheet metal in the vehicle. The pads help in reduce the drumming effect caused due to the vibration of the sheet metal. 

Areas of application in a vehicle are All Doors, Fenders, Dickey door and Quarter panels, The application of the pads in these areas reduces noise entering into the passenger compartment of the vehicle caused due to sheet metal vibration.To reduce the noise from the engine compartment, the pads can be applied on to Inner side of the bonnet and front fenders. Applying the pads in these areas help in dampening the engine noise from entering the passenger compartment.

DIY Application Procedure: -

Sound deadening pads are self-adhesive. 

  • Doors : Open the Door inner panels and the plastic sheet. Wipe inner area with cloth to ensure clean dry surface, Wear adequate hand protection. 
  • Bonnet Boot and other areas : open liners and repeat above procedure.