• Rusting/Corrosion is a natural phenomenon but is one of the key factors that causes damage to your vehicle and impacts its lifetime.  
  • Rust creeps into the car from the inside and from the outside. The most dangerous kind of corrosion is often not discovered until it is too late.
  • A proper protection treatment can prolong the lifetime of your vehicle. 
  • Our treatment is a one time investment for a 3 to 5 year period. It helps reduce expensive tin work / painting  and gives you a higher resale value for a well maintained vehicle.


At Dinitrol we don't just take care of the under-chassis of the vehicle but we protect the entire car. We treat hidden areas like the doors, cowl areas, fenders, engine & boot areas and all other cavities and joints in the vehicle. All these are areas where rust prevention is required the most.

At Dinitrol we cover as much as 85% of the vehicle area. This gives your vehicle a longer life.


Mumbai is located right next to the sea and this makes it  a very harsh and corrosive climate for vehicles.  We get long monsoons and have significantly high industrial pollutants

Added to that we tend to wash our vehicles everyday which keeps all the hidden areas in the vehicle moist at all times. All of these factors make vehicles vulnerable to rusting/corrosion.


    • Full car coverage window level downwards
    • Includes all Doors, Fenders and Recesses, Engine, Bonnet area, Boot area and Lid
    • Complete Under-chassis, Wheel Arches Cowl/Wiper Motor area. 

    • Painted exterior areas, Roof and pillars. Plastic & Fiber parts. 
    • Engine Block, Mechanical Components and movable parts
    • Behind the Dashboard and inaccessible firewall areas.
    • Under Carpets, Floor & Behind Light fittings are not covered under the standard treatment.

    Rs. 5000 for Hatchbacks / Mid Size Sedans

    Rs. 6,000 for Large Sedans / SUV's

    GST extra at 18% or as applicable

    Call 9987799050 for an appointment

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  • ENGINE Clear Treatment - Additional extra

    NEW” Look For Your Engine

    Engine Clear is a transparent clear lacquer coating on the engine compartment - It provides a  neat, clean and new look to the Engine Compartment. 

    The coating can withstand upto 200 degrees temperature and eliminates the need of cleaning the engine with harsh chemicals once coated.

    You can use a simple water wash to get the shiny look back 

  • EXHAUST Coating Re-dresser - Additional Extra

    THERMOLAC Heat Resistant Coatings are specially formulated coatings that are used on exhaust systems to prevent them from rusting.

    THERMOLAC 8050 contains 99% aluminum and provides a matte silver Aluminium finish

    THERMOLAC 8060 provides a matte black finish

    *Rs. 1,000-1,500.00 for Engine and Silencer Coatings

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The Process


Washing the vehicle prior to the treatment

The vehicle under chassis is thoroughly washed and air-dried. The applicator inspects the vehicle carefully to check for the condition of the sheet metal.

Checking for corrosion

This inspection is done visually & the body / under chassis is checked  for corrosion. If corrosion is observed the vehicle is further checked by hitting the sheet metal to check if the corrosion  is superficial corrosion (surface corrosion) or pitting corrosion. 

In case of surface corrosion the loose rust is removed by scraping the affected area clean and the vehicle is treated with RC800 Rust converter. In case the corrosion is of the pitting type the same is brought to the notice of the customer and the necessary repair is prescribed.


The clean, dry and inspected underbody of the vehicle is now ready to be treated.

The box sections, joints, cavities are treated internally with the Penetrant - DINITROL 3852 (Cavity wax).

The running board of the vehicle is treated internally using a flexible nozzle with the Penetrant.

Sealant DINITROL 4941 is sprayed over the entire underbody.  The body shell [Doors, bonnet, boot, fenders, fuel cap etc.]

The trims of the doors and the boot are carefully removed. The insides of the doors, bonnet, boot, fenders are cleaned using high-pressure air to remove the dirt, dust, mud which may have deposited over a period of time.

The body shell is carefully inspected visually to ensure that no rusting has already set in. In case of surface corrosion the loose rust is removed by scraping the area affected clean with emery paper - this ensures that the surface can be treated without any problem. 

Rusted areas are pretreated with Dinitrol RC800 Rustconvertor. 

As mentioned earlier, in case of pitting corrosion the same has to be brought to the notice of the customer and the necessary repair done prior to the commencement of the treatment. If the condition of the body is found to be okay the 1st coat – penetrant is sprayed inside all the joints, cavities, box sections and hollow sections. Areas include  - Insides of the doors, front fenders, bonnet, front gutter (in front of the windscreen) rear fenders, fuel cap, door hinges, boot, rear fenders etc.


Drying and Cleaning of the vehicle

Once the treatment is completed the trims are fitted back and the vehicle is kept for drying with all the four doors, bonnet and boot area in open condition for around 90 – 120 minutes.

In case of excess wax spilling out of joints the same can be cleaned, also the evaporation of the solvent ensures minimal post treatment odour in the vehicle.  

The vehicle is then sent for a complete body wash and is ready for delivery. In certain areas where aesthetics are to be maintained for e.g. the engine compartment gutters a light coat of penetrant is sprayed neatly on the same.