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tuf-kote® 4051 THERMOLAC, Clear Transparent AC Coil Protector Coating

tuf-kote® 4051 THERMOLAC, Clear Transparent AC Coil Protector Coating

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* Protection for copper coil & tubing. Excellent Adhesion with Rusted Coil.
* Anti Corrosive Properties. Heat Transfer Capability
* Fast Drying. Easy to apply. High Resistance to Acids, Alkalis &Solvents.
* Saves the Recurring cost of gas filling

    Why Gas Leak in Air Conditioning System? Copper Corrosion is the degradation of metal caused by a reaction with the environment, such as oxidation and chemical attack of the metallic surface. Copper is susceptible to attack from sulfur-containing gases. The result is the formation of a nonproductive layer on the material surface. Unprotected copper tubing will continue to react with the contaminant and corrode. Under severe, prolonged conditions, the copper tubing continues to corrode until the integrity of the equipment is jeopardized. Unprotected copper in polluted industrial environments can lead to the failure of the refrigeration system. Sulfur- and nitrogen-based electrolytes are often the cause of accelerated corrosion in industrial environments. Many HVAC manufacturers, Air Conditioner Manufacturers, distributors, and contractors may not realize that hundreds of thousands of pinhole leaks have occurred during the last decade from corrosion. The cause is most typically environmental pollutants, which range anywhere from salt air, to household cleaning agents, pesticides, formaldehyde, building materials, Industrial Pollution, Sewer pollution, and even off-gassing of food. Each of these contaminant sources can initiate corrosion in coil tubing in a year or less when the conditions are right. Choosing the Right Coating For the Job Choosing the most appropriate coil coating for the application could save the project thousands of Rupees and eliminate repeat treatments. Choosing the wrong coil coating could reduce heat transfer capabilities and lead to higher energy bills.

    Manufactured & Marketed By Tuf-kote Automotive Pvt Ltd.
    217 Vasupujya Estate, Goregaon West, Mumbai 400104, MH | 99877 99050
    Country of Origin INDIA
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