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tuf-kote® 6223 Battery Terminal Protector Coating

tuf-kote® 6223 Battery Terminal Protector Coating

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  • Specifically designed to help prevent battery failure by protecting battery terminals from corrosion.
  • High insulating property, Helps increase battery life and improves performance.
  • Air-tight water proof and acid resistant coating. Offers fairly good resistance to heat, gasoline, oil and grease
  • Coating does not crack or peel, Protects battery and cable terminals against leakage and acid sulphation.

Battery terminal corrosion is commonly seen as a white-blue or greenish powder that gathers around the positive- and negative-battery posts.

The corrosion is generally caused by hydrogen gas (which is released from the battery while charging), along with moisture and other salts / minerals in the atmosphere, all of which combine to create a corrosive environment.

In many cases, it’s believed that the corrosion will typically form around the negative terminal, which suggests that the battery is “undercharging” due to a lack of adequate driving time. Corrosion around the positive terminal is generally believed to be the result of overcharging from the alternator.

Either way, any form of battery terminal corrosion will eventually lead to poor conductivity, high electrical resistance, reduced lifespan, and ultimately the inability to deliver enough energy to start the engine.

Although some mechanics use grease or Vaseline to cover the battery’s terminals, these substances attract dirt. Needless to say, a gradual build up of dirt and dust can also contribute to poor electrical contact.

The correct product to use is BATTERY TERMINAL PROTECTOR, which is a lead-free soft coating that’s specifically designed to protect battery terminals from corrosion.
Advantages : Prolong battery life, Guarantee successful charging and maintenance, Assure easy starting, Prevent corrosion

Shake can well before use
Clean away existing corrosion
Apply an even coat to freshly cleaned hold-downs, bolts, brackets and terminals
For preventative maintenance: reapply when the blue film turns clear

Battery posts, Terminals, Hold-downs and casings used in vehicles, Boats, Handling equipment, Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), Computer back-up systems, Security back-up systems, Emergency back-up systems
Manufactured & Marketed By Tuf-kote Automotive Pvt Ltd.
217 Vasupujya Estate, Goregaon West, Mumbai 400104, MH | 99877 99050
Country of Origin INDIA
Product Code  6223
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