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TufClad 9120 - Sound Deadening/Dampening, Sheet Size 500 X 250 Mm (10 X 20 Inches)

TufClad 9120 - Sound Deadening/Dampening, Sheet Size 500 X 250 Mm (10 X 20 Inches)

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Product Features

  • Eliminates panel distortion
  • Quieter passenger cabin
  • Stops vibration, rattles, and squeaks
  • Easy self-adhesive application
  • Sheet Size : 500mm x 250mm [approx 20x10 Inches]

One of the prime concerns of all car manufacturers worldwide is to reduce vibrations and extraneous noises from entering into the vehicle.

Sheet Metal Vibration is one of the main sources of noise generation. This is due to driving on bad roads, Vehicle rigidity as well as sheet metal thickness used by the car manufacturer. TufClad Sound Deadening pads when stuck on the insides of the sheet metal, increase sheet metal rigidity, reduce vibrations and increase driving comfort

TufClad 9120 is a lightweight self-adhesive elastomeric laminate made of a mixture of special polymers and fillers with variable granulometry. It is a dampening material, particularly suitable for application on steel plates subject to vibrations.


The TufClad Car Kit is a must for improving the overall sound quality in your vehicle by cutting out unwanted road noise. It's typical use would be on vehicles to reduce vibrations and rattles on car doors or boot lid, fenders, firewall area and specially in the bonnet areas for diesel vehicles..


Use a sharp object like scissors or a knife to cut the sheet to the wanted size and shape before removing the backing paper. Clean the area where the sheet is to be installed by removing dust, grease, moisture, and other foreign matter. Peel off the backing paper and stick directly on area to be deadened. [Wear cotton gloves if possible] Peeling from one side edge will give best results. Using a roller or cloth, press the sheet tightly into place, the roller will help eliminate unwanted air pockets. No heating is required.

Manufactured & Marketed By Tuf-kote Automotive Pvt Ltd.
217 Vasupujya Estate, Goregaon West, Mumbai 400104, MH | 99877 99050
Country of Origin INDIA
Product Code  9120

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